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Setting up an organisation is not an easy thing to accomplish. By establishing a leading NGO named Virtuous Club Mandi Dabwali, you’ve achieved something only a handful of people in this world can do. I want to congratulate you all on your new venture.

There are a thousand reasons to love and appreciate these hardworking souls, actually all my loving students, above all the Volunteers of Virtuous Club India,M. Dabwali as they provide help in almost every aspect of life. What a priviledge it is to be a part of such an amazing foundation, filled with such amazing people!

Let us all appreciate these heroes who work in this NGO and do their best to serve the society. The brave hearts that work in this NGO truly deserve appreciation and love for their work.They may not go to fancy offices wearing fancy clothes but they are the backbone of society. We admire you for your work and wish you all the best. Actually Virtuous is humanity. Your dedication as a volunteer is an inspiration to others seeking to serve. With deepest gratitude for your commitment to serve, I thank you on behalf of society and the people you are going to serve. All the social service organisations like this NGO actually deserve all our very applauses as well as our very gratitude for all the selfless work they all are actually doing so very unconditionally.

I’m so happy for you. Shine with virtue and a deep harmony. I firmly believe that this is the start of something BIG.Every dreamer is not a doer, and every doer is not a dreamer. My dear friends, You all have the deadly combination of being a dreamer and a doer. Let your dreams unravel happiness in the lives of those around you. Good luck. May the good Lord continue to bless and guide your footsteps.